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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coffee-Counter Culture

Sometimes there is truth behind a stereotype. One such true myth is that of the caffeine-propelled, latte-swilling Seattlite. We looooooooove our coffee. (Although, some of us prefer our brew straight-up. I’m a cup-a-joe girl, myself.) We spend top dollar to cozy a big mug of fine java, or score a pound of lovingly roasted beans. It is also true, I am sad to say, that lines at Starbucks can wind through the shop 30 espresso-fixated customers deep.

Mind you, Starbucks does a fine job… a wide range of descent coffee drinks whirled out like baseballs in a batting cage. For what they do, which is ensure consistent, good quality at high volume, they have it down. However… if you are looking for great coffee, something unique, and to linger over it in a coffeehouse with ambience and local personality – and fabulous pastries, check out a few of these favorite neighborhood coffeehouses:

Sip & Ship

Bellino Coffee
Macrina Bakery
Uptown Espresso

Capitol Hill:
B and O Espresso (No website)
Bauhaus Coffee
Café Vita

Canal St. Coffee (no website)
Icon Coffee (no website)

Verite Coffee

Pioneer Square:

Queen Anne:
El Diablo
Caffe Ladro
Uptown Espresso

University District
Café Allegro (no website)

There are, oh-so-many more wonderful neighborhood coffeehouses (and so many more neighborhoods for that matter). These are those I know, personally, to be great. I recommend you check out Caffinated & Unstrung for the full lowdown on where to go when you’re in the ‘hood, no matter which ‘hood it is.

Finally, Here are a few of the stellar roasters in the city. Like some small wineries, often their volume is so small, you can’t find their product unless you go to their shop (or call and order):

Vivace Espresso
Caffe Ladro
Café Vita

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Blogger Brian said...

My favorite local coffee shop in the Green Lake neighborhood (where we live right now) has to be Revolutions (link goes to Yelp, since their official url is down). The coffee is fresh, the baked goods are dangerously tasty, and the wifi is free. The owners are very friendly and will call you by name every time.

6:49 PM

Blogger Cascadia Girl said...

Thanks for the tip! - CG

9:01 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Canal Street Coffee spot now has a website:

10:01 PM


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